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Principessa Cristalli d’Autore is the princess of authentic crystals, a company born out of passion and experience for glass and crystals. It is an artistic formation founded by Francesca Marturano (who graduated at the Institut of Art in Florence), who developed a new concept for the combination of glass and crystals in jewellery design.

Her idea was first realised with a shop opening in June 1995, which should from now on be the point of contact and showcase for the best masters of Murano glass, with many creative artisans taking part in the project that partnered up with her to create unique jewellery pieces.

The aim of the company is to offer our customers high quality and genuine artefacts, which are based on traditional antique artisan techniques that were used at ancient laboratories.

Our items range from small ornamental objects of individual artisans to unique individual pieces created by a “master”. We give our customers value for money for the our trademarks of “Principessa Cristalli d’Autore”, produced by masters  that are known for famous tradmarks related to the Murano glass items.

Whilst every effort was made on concept refinement over the first ten years, during this time, more importantly, new firm relationships were created with a “microcosm” of workshops that were thriving the production of the pearls of Murano glass. Besides that, strong working relationships were built with Florentine goldsmith specialists, allowing us to further develop new jewellery manufacturing and design ideas. The designs are focused on the creation of small and large jewellery items made from metals, crystals and glass beads. The “Princess Bijoux” combines wisdom and experience of Florentine goldsmith tradition with the pearls of Murano.

The creation of such a combination results in a unique and original style that is simple classic elegance but also casual at the same time.

Besides diverse glass and crystal products that our company offers, the “Princess Bijoux” range is the company’s own flagship, a brand that speaks for itself with its elegant and original style. “Princess Bijoux” is the princess of of our crystal products. The range consists of crystals known for manufacture of distinguished high quality for many years, known for class and elegance, and for technique made in Italy.