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Murano Glass

Murano glass represents an artistic and productive phenomenon unique in the world which is rooted in ancient times: the first document about the glass art nowadays at disposal dates back to 982.  However during the XII century the glass manufacture  presented itself as an organized manufacturing art. In a first moment the artistic and economic fulcrum of theglass art was Venice, but with the passing of centuries and the improving of production were created areas dedicated only at the glass production isolated from the centre, a full-blown glass industrial areas. In that period this activity became to concentrate in Murano island , until the Republic decreed the move to the island all furnaces still in function in the historical centre, for safety reasons, tied most of all to the fire risks. With this productive dislocation Murano islandimproved its own importance up to become the main centre of the artistic glass production.

The glass manufacturing was made mainly along “Rio dei Vetrai” , where still now the most ancient furnaces are concentrated. From then on ,Murano continued its own important artistic glass production until today.

Jewels in Murano

You can find the splendor and the fascination of the jewels in Murano glass in the wide online catalogue of the Florence shop Principessa Cristalli d’Autore, specialized in the production and the sale of articles of high jewellery, realized in Murano glass by the refined manufacture. Principessa Cristalli d’Autore since years is a point of reference for producers and masters of glass. The shop exposes the best creations of jewels in Murano glass, suggesting its own design , the Principessa Bijoux, created by the owner of the shop, Francesca Marturano. Thanks to the artistic imprint given by her formation and collaboration with some of the best handicraft labs of the glass field and of the crystal, Francesca Marturano managed to realize an absolutely original collection of jewels , which melts the unique style of the ancient technique of Murano with the design of the Florentine art of jewelry.

Luminous necklaces, fascinating pearls, colored bracelets, original pendants, refined set of jewels in Murano glass embellished by the addition of semiprecious stones, crystals and esteemed metals as gold and silver melted in the glass beads: Princess author’s crystals with its collection of jewels, can satisfy the most difficult taste too. Each jewel is realized according the ancient techniques of the Florentine goldsmiths and is wisely embellished with elements of pure gold and silver melted in the glass from expert glassmakers. By request also personalized jewels in Murano glass are realized.

Bijoux in Murano

Bijoux in Murano glass has a natural elegance for its game of transparences, for the sensations which the material supplies to the touch, for its chromatic shades, more than the commemoration of the splendors and the prestige of jewels of yore.Bijoux in Murano glass has an ancient history which begins from the famous Venetian pearls to reach up to the present with its modern handicraft creations of high Bijoux. The manufacture ofMurano glass allows to create shapes even new, utilizing all the futures of the material, with colors which can evocate emotions and sensations. Thebijoux in Murano glass comes to be in this way, something more of a simply accessory, becoming a true means of expression of a personality , of a precise character.

Bijoux in Murano glass unique and elegant: only by Principessa Cristalli D’Autore

Principessa Cristalli D’Autore is a shop in Florence which since years dedicates at the production and the sale of objects and bijoux in Murano glass and of precious master crystals. Among the various designs of bijoux in Murano glass putted out for sale by Principessa Cristalli D’Autore, stands out the designs “Bijoux Princess” , created by the owner of the shopFrancesca Marturano, graduated at the Art Institute in goldsmith and provided of an elegant and refined esthetic taste. In this prestigiousdesigns of jewels, the unmistakable style of theMurano glass melts with the shine of the Swarovsky crystals, arising bijoux absolutely unique in its genre.